Saturday, May 28, 2005


Once upon a time there was a website created for me by Garry Nurrish called VanderWorld that functioned as a parody of every retarded feature of pretentious author sites. It's been down for several months while we moved it from one service provider to another.

Now it's back up. It includes the infamous alien baby photographs--the alien baby in Antarctica, for example. Here's the alien baby quite literally at the South Pole...

Also, the alien baby with meerkats, visiting K.J. Bishop, etc. Well worth checking out--under the photos link.

I'll be updating the site soon, because since I last updated it I have new alien baby photos taken by Liz Williams in Central Asia and Morocco, as well as several other interesting locations.

And, of course, since the last update of the text a couple of years ago, there have been innovations in pretentious author sites, so the parody must be overhauled...


(Jeff: "Hey--what's that under your bed?" Evil Monkey: "You know--Anne Rice's head." Jeff: "You still have that?! Will you please put it back where you found it!" Evil Monkey: "I think she's already grown another one, though." Jeff: "I don't care--put it back! It's very rude to hang onto it." Evil Monkey: "...You used to support my creative decisions." Jeff: "Up to a point. Up to a point." Evil Monkey: "All right. I'll put it back. But is it okay if I just sneak up to the front door of her house, leave it on her welcome mat, ring the bell, and run away?" Jeff: "Sure. I'm not asking for accountability. I just don't want that thing in the house." Evil Monkey: "Okay, then. Just so we're clear." Jeff: "And DON'T steal anybody's head ever again." Evil Monkey: "Not even Dan Brown's?" Jeff: "Grrrr.")


At 8:38 AM, Blogger Hal Duncan said...

I have it from reliable sources that Dan Brown has no head. He just has a large stein filled with cheap home-brewed beer should be. The yeast is capable of some small level of sentience, but not really normal human head stylee consciousness that you could have an interesting conversation with, say.

Also I understand that it was very badly poured and therefore mostly foam. Approximately 82% foam, so I hear.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Ahem. "where his head should be" that should read.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger pauljessup said...

MMM. That, for some reason, made me go and grab a pint from my fridge. I wonder if it's a good ale...or just some swill like Michelobe's?


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