Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Please forgive the short break in blog entries. You can blame, in part, this pink elephant, as Ann and I traveled to St. Augustine for our third wedding anniversary and discovered some rather good Belgian and German beers (as well as Yorkshire favorite Old Peculier, which we quite enjoyed) while in the Old City--this after having had a delightful week showing Tamar Yellin and her husband Bob Tasker around Tallahassee. Blogging will resume shortly, as we've just seen Star Wars: The Retardation of the Sith and I'm feeling a need to discuss it.

(Jeff: "Oh, fer chrissakes--what have you got now?!" Evil Monkey: "This is George Lucas' head. He definitely hasn't been using it for awhile...")


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Keith said...

I wrote a lengthy rant about RotS after seeing it. The short version: This was all, at least partially, our own fault for supporting this man for so many years. Of course, we're still granted full right to fume, seeing as how this awful car wreck of a film-- and the two retarded siblings that preceded it, is how he repayed our adulation.

For a week after seeing it, my wife and I discussed not only the ways in which it didn't work at all, but how it should have worked.

A more indiustrious man than myself will perhaps try to salvage some decency out of this mess and maybe, many years from now, we'll have a remake that is better than the original. Otherwise, Star Wars is dead to me,now.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Keith--nice review of Star Wars! I've just posted my own as well.


At 7:03 AM, Blogger Joe said...

As a general rule of thumb, the sillier the name of the ale, the better it is.

This is especially true of micro-breweries - any proper micro brwery run by porpoer real-ale folks will always christen the booze with a good name. Dolphin's flipper if it's a coastal brewery, Abbot's Arse if it's near an old priory. I had a wonderful bottle of Pengiun Porter last year, which also gave part of the profits to a zoo charity.

Shall we be hearing about any micro-breweries in Ambergris in the future? Old Squid Ink Ale, perhaps? The old Tentacle and Tankard is well known for it. I thought about a Voss bender Ale, but to be honest he sounds more like he should have a cocktail named after him.


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