Friday, September 02, 2005


By now, everyone must have seen the complete devastation in the New Orleans area. Please contribute to the relief efforts. Some writers are offering free stories if you donate. That's fine. I'm not. Donate because it's the right thing to do.

And hold the government accountable for poor planning, lack of planning--anything that applies in this situation.

I'm contributing to the disaster relief, even as I'm watching Bush organize a campaign through Clinton and George Sr. to raise private monies in the same way they did for tsunami victims in Asia. What, did the South suddenly become part of some foreign country? Get that federal aid in there, W. Then worry about the private contributions. It's part of the reason we pay taxes.

And check out this blog.


(Evil Monkey: Bush is full of shit. Jeff: Isn't that a bit harsh? Evil Monkey: Did you hear him say federal relief efforts aren't cutting it? Jeff: Yes. Evil Monkey: Well, is he or isn't he in charge? Did he or didn't he divert money to the war that would have been used to strengthen levees? Jeff: Yeah, okay. Evil Monkey: Then he's full of shit. Believe me, I know shit when I see it.)


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