Friday, April 14, 2006


If you missed it when I linked to it the first time, maybe the inclusion of this photo of Jacob McMurray from Payseur & Schmidt will convince you to check out my interview on SF Site. They're doing fine work and deserve a lot of attention.


(Evil Monkey: "Vote me for in this!" Jeff: "Er, in what category." Evil Monkey: "Any category! Write me in! Sign me up!" Jeff: "That's a bit crass, isn't it?" Evil Monkey: "Everybody else is doing it!" Jeff: "Calm down. We're never going to do that here." Evil Monkey: "Aha! But by publishing my rant you're kinda telling people to vote for you." Jeff: "Actually, no, I'm not. However, I will be trademarking my ass, now that Harlan (TM) Ellison (TM) has trademarked his name." Evil Monkey: "Harlan (TM) Ellison (TM) is an ass." Jeff: "Jeff VanderMeer's Ass(TM}--brought to you by Nabisco(TM)!" Evil Monkey: "Evil Monkey's Ass(TM), brought to you by bananas!" Jeff: "China Mieville's Ass(TM), brought to you by Bolsheviks!" Evil Monkey: "Carol Emshwiller's Ass(TM), brought to you by Wheatabix(TM!)" Jeff: "Jeffrey Ford's Ass(TM) brought to you by the New Jersey Tourism Commission!" Evil Monkey: "Gavin Grant's Ass(TM), brought to you by Scotland and Kelly Link!" Jeff: "George R.R. Martin's Ass (TM), brought to you by the Kill The Ones You Love Society!" Evil Monkey: "Michael Crichton's Ass(TM), brought to you by Evil Monkey! Along with his head!" Jeff: "Oh, my. Best stop now." Evil Monkey: "But we're just getting started!" Jeff: "Yes, but it's time for my R&R." Evil Monkey: "Oh, you're no fun anymore.")


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