Friday, October 29, 2004


The current flurry of new projects has caused me to re-evaluate my ability to get through all of the fantasy novels and collections I planned to micro-analyze this year. I've still got a ton of secret lives to write for the Secret Life book. I've got interviews to do for SF Site. I've got a project going with Eric Schaller called "Are You Dead?". I may be working on a rather significant nonfiction book soon. I've got some revisions I want to make to Shriek, and I need to get started on finishing a rough draft of the next Ambergris novel/la, The Zamilon File.

For this reason, I've decided it makes good tactical sense to drop the micro-evaluations of the novels on my initial list (The Iron Council, Wolfe's two Knight novels, etc.) while still finishing up my evaluations of the Crowley and Day collections, and the Flights anthology. I'll probably also add Liz Williams' new collection to the mix. And I will still post general comments on the fantasy novels I read.

In the meantime, expect more Justify Yourself interviews, overviews of the work of artists I admire, etc.

Thanks for reading.



At 9:08 PM, Blogger erasmus said...

Tarnation! I was hoping to hear your evaluation of Iron Council. However, if not hearing your rundown of Iron Council means that I can have more VanderBooks in my hands, I guess I will live.


- Jeremy

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll still be reading them and commenting on them. I just won't be doing detailed analysis *as* I'm reading them. It's just too much with everything I have to get done.


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