Thursday, December 16, 2004


A lot of people have been asking me about the images in the blog entry below--who did them, how, etc? I don't want to go into how, but I do definitely want to go into who. The "who" in this case is Jonathan Edwards, an outstanding photographer/artist and graphic designer, who has an excellent site that everyone should check out. Jonathan is a co-worker of mine and did the wonderful cover design for Leviathan 4 (the back cover of which is just as cool as the front cover) and was kind enough to try out some of the ideas I had for Shriek images, including the mushroom-strewn typewriter, which turned out great. I also think the page helps people visualize exactly how Duncan's comments appeared on Janice's text.

Jonathan will be an integral part of The Zamilon File, my next book. Zamilon will be set up exactly as if you had been handed all of the hardcopy confidential reports, papers, photographs, etc., on a particular security-sensitive issue--secret police type stuff.

As for publication dates--another question I've been asked--it appears the Tor US edition will be out sometime around May-June 2006. I'm not sure about the Pan Macmillan edition.