Monday, January 24, 2005

How do you know the gender of a blowfly?

One of the perks of running your own blog rather than a hosted one is that you can see your referrer logs. Here, from random dips into the log every so often, are some of the google searches that have brought people to my website over the last year. I suspect that most of these people have been rather disappointed. I just hope the lack of information my site offers on any of these subjects hasn't led to any moments with blowflies that should have been exquisitely tender, but which instead turned out to be profoundly embarrassing in the morning.

How do you know the gender of a blowfly?
I want wack nick beard
Luminous ink for cheating
David Busst broken leg video
Wack a prime minister with ham
Here's to you Mrs Robinson
Japanese automaton kits
Quentin Crips
Ron Atkinson curly finger

Anyway, after the rather prolix last few posts, here's an assortment of interesting, stupid, useful, useless, and bizarre places to go. Readers of my blog or the Nightshade Books bulletin board might recognise some of these as environmentally friendly recycled links.

George Orwell's political writing - some essays, newspaper columns, letters and editorials. More of one of these later on in the week, I hope.

I love this. It's Trafficlight Wars.

Beautiful Quicktime virtual panoramas at Panoramas and at Ecliptique.

The sounds of the sea: hydrophone recordings of seabed earthquakes, whales talking to each other, and what the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration describes as 'an unidentified sound', but which is patently Cthulhu stirring in his sleep

Hear famous people singing your lyrics.

A Guardian profile of the very wonderful Alan Garner.

The mysterious life of the Strandbeests.

The Fantastic In Art and Fiction from the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell University.

These photos are of the G-Cans Project, a cavernous network of huge chambers and tunnels underneath Tokyo. This photo is particularly stunning.

Words Without Borders, translations of "some of the best writing from around the world."

Fantastic, Mysterious and Adventurous Victoriana

The Paris Review begin to put online their interviews with writers from the last fifty years.

Santa left you a few quid? Well, look no further - buy your own zeppelin. Or perhaps you need a new mobile phone.

See the miniature beauty of the Bonsai Potato and the work of art that is the Origami Boulder. But if it's true art that you want - really great, moving art, then look no further than these album covers.