Friday, January 07, 2005

Links, no words - Ok, maybe a few words.

Dreamer of the Dark - An article on H.P. Lovecraft and occultism from Fortean Times.

Screw heroin, give me some iceburg lettuce.

The Shadow Internet from Wired.

The Globe and Mail talks to authors and "constant readers" about the books "that most delighted, moved or provoked them" in 2004. Uh, yeah.

Back to Fortean Times for The Mongolian Death Worm

The Guardian lists the 100 most useful websites.

'Old-Fashioned' Gonad Capsule Effective Way to Block Radiation to Testes

Judging a book by its cover from Bookslut

Girls Gone Wild - random mugshots.

...and finally,

some advice from dr. heewack, quack with the atom brain!



At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wired article, on the "shadow internet" had to be one of the silliest I've read in a long time.

!Those hAker DOODZ are 3lite!!

The breathless prose... the absence of any real technical insight, the ignoring of Bit Torrent, and how it turns the "pyramid” distribution model on its head... sigh. And to think Wired used to be a good source of technical journalism. Well. Okay, this was back in 1995, but still...

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, but they did do a piece on bittorrent...


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