Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Create Your Own Fungi Kit

Kameron Hurley of Brutal Women, guestblogging

MycoSpored Oils™

We offer unique blends of spored oils, one for decomposing stumps of conifers and one for hardwoods. These oils are designed as environmentally friendly, biodegradable lubricants for chain-saws and other wood cutting tools. As the wood is being cut, the spore-mass infused oil disperses mushroom spores into the cut faces of wood, and upon germination of spores accelerate the decomposition of stumps and brush.

I also like the mushroom kits.

(via girlhacker)

- K Hurley


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Very cool!

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At 1:59 PM, Blogger Diana said...

Pine oil is an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris. It is used in aromatherapy, as a scent in bath oils, as a cleaning product, and as a lubricant in small and expensive clockwork instruments. It is naturally deodorizing, sportsbook, and antibacterial. It may also be used varyingly as a disinfectant, massage oil and an antiseptic in homeopathic medicine.
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