Friday, August 12, 2005

MASSIVE BOOK SALE--REDUX (with new items)

Ann and I are still cleaning out the house and getting rid of more books. Below find some new stuff and a consolidation of the remaining original stuff. The original stuff that’s left has been marked down in most cases.

Terms are as follows: payment by paypal to or check or money order made out to me sent to POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315. Shipping in the US (media mail)/Canada (surface) is free on orders $15 and over. Otherwise, it depends on how much you order, how we’re shipping it, and where we’re shipping it. Just email us about what you want to buy at and we’ll let you know if the books you want are still available and the shipping cost.

All books should be in good-as-new condition (some haven’t been read) unless otherwise noted.



Ann is finally willing to part with her collection of horror mass market paperbacks. Many of these books are in new condition as she received multiple copies. Some are gently-read, but all are in good or better condition. Most are from the late 80’s and early 90’s during the boom of horror novels, so some could be quite rare. No mixing or matching of individual books. Each grab bag is $15, including shipping within the US/Canada. Bag 5 is all women. Bag 7 is nonfiction.

Bag 1- Horror
Andrews, V.C. – Heaven
Campbell, Ramsey – The Influence
Grant, Charles L. – The Pet
Koontz, Dean – The Servants of Twilight
McCammon, Robert R. – Gone South
McDowell, Michael – The Elementals.
Silva, David – Come Thirteen
West, Owen (Dean Koontz) – The Mask
Wright, T.M. – Nursery Tale
Wright, T.M. – The Waiting Room

Bag 2 - Horror
Andrews, V.C. – My Sweet Audrina
Etchison, Dennis (ed.) – The Dark Country
Grant, Charles L. (ed.) – Terrors
Hodge, Brian – Deathgrip
Koontz, Dean – The Mask
Leiber, Fritz – Conjure Wife
Lumley, Brian – Demogorgon
Newland, John – Primal Instinct
Skipp, John and Craig Spector – The Cleanup
Wilson, F. Paul – The Keep

Bag 3 - Horror
Hodge, Brian – Dark Advent
Koontz, Dean – Darkfall
Koontz, Dean – Lightening
Lovecraft, H.P. – The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Miller, JP – The Skook
Nichols, Leigh (Dean Koontz) – The House of Thunder
Saul, John – Brain Child
Schow, David – The Kill Riff
Williamson, Chet – Dreamthorp
Wright, T.M. – A Manhattan Ghost Story

Bag 4 - Horror
Andrews, V.C. – If There Be Thorns
Citro, Joseph A. – Shadow Child
Coyne, John – Hobgoblin
Farris, John – Scare Tactics
Hodge, Brian – Darker Saints
Kendrick, Tony – Night-Time Guy
Koontz, Dean – Twilight Eyes
Simmons, Dan – Carrion Comfort
Williamson, Chet – Dreamthorp
Wright, T.M. – The Woman Next Door

Bag 5 – Horror (All Women)
Andrews, V.C. – Fallen Hearts
Hoover, Dale – 65mm
Koja, Kathe – Strange Angels
Ptacek, Kathryn – Kachina
Ptacek, Kathryn (ed.) – Women of Darkness (anthology)
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn – Sins of the Blood
Salmonson, Jessica Amanda – Anthony Shriek
Wood, Bari – The Tribe
Wood, Bari & Jack Geasland – Twins
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn – Dead and Buried

Bag 6 - Horror
Andrews, V.C. – Dark Angel
Barker, Clive – Weaveworld
Campbell, Ramsey – Ancient Images
Campbell, Ramsey – Midnight Sun
Campbell, Ramsey (ed.) – New Terrors II (anthology)
King, Stephen – The Dead Zone
McCammon, Robert R. – Blue World
Nichols, Leigh (Dean Koontz) – Shadowfires
Strieber, Whitley – The Wolfen
Van Hise, James & Jessica Horsting (eds.) – Midnight Graffiti (anthology)

Bag 7 – Just to mix it up - Non-Fiction - Crime & Supernatural, etc
Barnes, Margaret Anne – Murder in Coweta County
Bugliosi, Vincent & Ken Hurwitz – Shadow of Cain
Godwin, John – Murder USA: The Ways We Kill Each Other
Keyes, Daniel – The Minds of Billy Milligan
Lunde, Donald T. & Jefferson Morgan – The Die Song
McGuire, Christine & Carla Norton – Perfect Victim
Mitchell, Paige – Act of Love
Smith, Michelle & Lawrence Pazder, M.D. – Michelle Remembers
Winer, Richard & Nancy Osborn – Haunted Houses
Winn, Steven & David Merrill – Ted Bundy: The Killer Next Door

Bag 8 – Horror
Bloch, Robert – Psycho House
Daniels, Les – No Blood Spilled
Dillard, J.M. - Specters
Gates, R. Patrick – Tunnel Vision
Hodge, Brian – Nightlife
Kisner, James – Earthblood
Masterson, Graham – The Manitou
Morlan, A.R. – The Amulet
Wilde, Kelley – Mastery
Williamson, J.N. – Horror House

Bag 9 – Horror
Bloch, Robert – Psycho House
Daniels, Les – No Blood Spilled
Etchison, Dennis (ed.) – Metahorror
Lee, Tanith – Dark Dance
Little, Bentley – Revelation
Morlan, A.R. – The Amulet
Morrell, David – The Covenant of the Flame
Reed, Rick R. – Obsessed
Tem, Melanie – Prodigal
Wagner, Karl Edgar (ed.) – Year’s Best Horror Stories 14


Dradin, In Love – My first book, from Buzzcity Press. I just found an extra 10 copies and am making two of them available for $65 each. They’re going on Amazon for as high as $120.

Anthony, Piers – Out of Phaze - hardcover first edition, $10.00

Barth, John – The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor – hardcover first edition, $5.00 SOLD 8/12

Farmer, Philip Jose – Dayworld – hardcover, $5.00

Fowler, Karen Joy – The Sweetheart Season – hardcover, first edition, $20.00

Game, Conrad Williams - novella, Earthling Pub, trade paper, $5.00

Hart, Josephine – Damage – hardcover, remaindered, $4.00

Koontz, Dean – Cold Fire – hardcover, $5.00

Kress, Nancy – Brain Rose – hardcover, dustjacket a bit tattered, $4.00

Lebbon, Tim – Changing of Faces – PS Publishing trade paper, reviewer copy, $6.00

Monteleone, Thomas – Fearful Symmetries, Cemetery Dance hardcover, story collection, PC copy but signed by author and Rick Hautala - $15.00

Murray, Sabina – A Carnivore's Inquiry – interesting-looking somewhat surreal horror novel by mainstream lit author. Hardcover. $10.00.

Newman, James – Midnight Rain (intro by Ed Gorman) – hardcover, $10.00

Piercy, Marge – He, She and It – hardcover, first edition, $10.00

Pynchon, Thomas – Vineland – hardcover, remaindered, first edition, $7.00

Russell, Jay – Apocalypse Now, Voyager - novella, Earthling, trade paper, $5.00 SOLD 8/12

Stewart, Michael – Monkey Shines – hardcover, $10.00

Thorton, Lawrence – Under the Gypsy Moon – hardcover, first edition, $12.00

Wilson, F. Paul – Select – hardcover, first edition, $14.00


In aid of all these trips, I am selling a few copies from my own personal stash. Some of this stuff you can’t find elsewhere.

Lambshead Pocket Guide Sampler – Featuring work by Gaiman, Ford, Chapman, and more, this 32-page chapbook sampler was created solely for the World Fantasy Convention a few years back, before the publication of the book. I’ll be happy to sign it. One copy available. It’s a rare item. $35.00. REDUCED TO $28--SOLD 8/12.

Punktown by Jeffrey Thomas – First edition trade paperbacks, some of them in their original wrappers. Four copies available. A Ministry of Press book. $15.00

The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases – The Pan Macmillan hardcover. First edition. Happy to sign it. One copy available. $40.00. Reserved for now; inquire to be put on waiting list



Coover, Robert – Stepmother - $9.00 – An illustrated story by the postmodern master. Beautifully designed, from McSweeney’s. Cover printed on boards. Pristine condition. This is a steal.

Davidson, Avram – Limekiller - $25.00 REDUCED TO $15--SOLD 8/12– Collection of Davidson’s British Hidalgo Jack Limekiller stories, fantastical and near-fantastical, from Old Earth Press. It has three introductions and four afterwords, by the likes of Lucius Shepard and Peter S. Beagle. First edition. Pristine condition.

Denton, Bradley – Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede - $7.00 – Classic rock ‘n’ roll novel for the new millennia. First edition but, tragedy: with remaindered mark. Good condition.

Falkner, John Meade – The Lost Stradivarius - $100.00 REDUCED TO $75– A novel and two short stories by a master of the macabre. A Tartarus Press book. Introduction by Mark Valentine. Pristine condition. Copy #214 of 300. Signed. Ribbon. Out of print—only available used.

Gale, John – A Damask of the Dead - $75.00 REDUCED TO $65 – Decadent prose poems by the forgotten master. A Tartarus Press book. Pristine condition. Copy #81 of 250. Signed. Out of print—only available used.

Gorey, Edward and Lamport, Felecia – Light Metres - $175.00 (Or Best Offer) – Copy #53 out of 350. Illustrated by Gorey. Slipcased. Good condition. Signed by Gorey and Lamport. This is a steal.

Izzi, Eugene – The Criminalist - $8.00 – A mystery novel with a cool cover. Don’t know much about this guy. Maybe you do. First edition. Good to pristine condition.

Jones, Stephen (editor) – Shadows Over Innesmouth - $18.00 REDUCED TO $12 – Lovecraft stories by Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, etc. Second printing. Worth the money just for the photo of Stephen Jones in a pool that functions as a rather unusual author photo. A Fedogan & Bremer book.

Kenneth Morris – The Dragon Path: The Collected Stories of Kenneth Morris - $10.00 - The collected stories of the Welsh fantasy (mythology-based) writer. First edition. Pristine condition.

MacLeod, Ian R. – The Light Ages - $10.00 REDUCED TO $8--SOLD 8/12 – The World Fantasy Award finalist novel by the World Fantasy Award winner MacLeod. First edition. Pristine condition.

Salmonson, Jessica Amanda – The Dark Tales - $40.00 REDUCED TO $25 – Macabre short stories by the cult author. Limited edition of 225 copies. Not signed or numbered. Pristine condition.

Sarrantonio, Al (editor) – Flights - $12.00 REDUCED TO $4.00 – Humongoid collection of fantasy stories, including Jeff Ford, Joyce Carol Oates, etc. Good condition (several pages dog-earred).

Sherrill, Steven – Visits From the Drowned Girl - $9.00 – A tale about seductive but ultimately destructive nature of secrecy, involving suicide. Narrator witnesses a woman kill herself. Pristine condition.

Spitzer, Mark – Chum - $12.00 REDUCED TO $7 – Raunchy ride through the “Alaska nobody wants to believe exists.” First edition. Good condition.

Strieber, Whitley and Barry, Jonathan – Cat Magic - $3.00 REDUCED TO $2 – The classic “cat magic” novel in highly collectable book club edition. The cover features a snarling feline stomping a city. It doesn’t get any better than this. This Pet Semetery rip-off will delight you for hours on end. If you don’t buy it, we may just toss it.

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet – Candide and Zadig - $50.00 REDUCED TO $40 – Out-of-print, leather-bound Franklin Library edition. Pristine condition.

Wandrei, Howard – The Eerie Mr. Murphy - $40.00 REDUCED TO $35 – The collected fantasy tales (volume 2) of the pulp era writer, contemporary of Lovecraft. A Fedogan & Bremer book. First edition. Pristine condition. A beautifully designed book.

Wandrei, Howard – Time Burial - $40.00 REDUCED TO $35 – The collected fantasy tales (volume 1) of the pulp era writer, contemporary of Lovecraft. A Fedogan & Bremer book. Illustrated. First edition. Pristine condition. A beautifully designed book.

Wolfe, Gene – The Knight - $18.00 REDUCED TO $12 – First edition of the first book of the World Fantasy Award finalist novel. Good condition (fine except for some dog-earred pages).

Trade Paper

Ashley, Mike and Brown, Eric – The Mammoth Book of Jules Verne Stories - $8.00 REDUCED TO $5--SOLD 10/12 – Stories by Ian Watson, Brian Stableford, Paul Di Filippo, Keith Brooke, Liz Williams, and others.

Baker, Kage – The Angel in the Darkness - $10.00 REDUCED TO $6 – Novella set in Baker’s The Company milieu. Cover art by J.K. Potter. Signed and numbered. Copy #238 of 500.

Barlow, John – Eating Mammals - $5.00 REDUCED TO $4 – Three funny, surreal novels by an author with some mainstream literary street cred.

Barry, Max – Jennifer Government - $4.00 REDUCED TO $3 – Wickedly satirical thriller about globalization and marketing.

Baxter, Stephen – Mayflower II - $10.00 REDUCED TO $7 – A PS Publishing signed, numbered (#177) edition by the science fiction author. Novella.

Coe, Jonathan – The Rotter’s Club - $3.00 – Funny coming of age story about the 1970s.

Egan, Jennifer – Look at Me - $3.50 – Surreal pseudo-genre novel thingee. Fashion model fiction? Good condition.

Ferguson, Will – Happiness - $7.00 REDUCED TO $5 – A novel satire on the self-help industry. Has a full dust jacket over the trade paper boards. British edition. Good condition.

Gentle, Mary – Under the Penitence - $10.00 – A PS Publishing signed, numbered (#176) edition by the fantasy author. Novella.

Locke, Norman – A History of the Imagination - $3.00 – Postmodern tale of adventure in a metaphorical Africa from the august Fiction Collective Two. (It’s signed, but to Jeff.)

McKenna , Juliet E. – Turns & Chances – $10.00 REDUCED TO $5 - A PS Publishing signed, numbered (#434) edition by the fantasy author. Novella.

Perez-Reverte, Arturo – The Flanders Panel - $5.00 – Art history mystery from the author of The Club Dumas.

Rucker, Rudy – As Above, So Below - $7.00 REDUCED TO $5 – Rucker’s novel about Bruegel, with interior illustrations. Pristine condition.

Sparks, Rennie – Evil - $4.00 – Unsettling stories by the lyricist for the goth-country band The Handsome Family. Lavishly illustrated. William S. Burroughs meets Carson McCullers.

Mass Market

Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Two Towers - $2.00 REDUCED TO $1 – Obscure fantasy novel about elves and orcs and other weird things by an author more known for his opium habit and promiscuous sex life than for his writing. In a Del reprint. For anyone who might not already have it. Name “Kennedy” magic markered into the front inside cover.

Bound Galleys (trade paper unless otherwise specified)

Aylett, Steve – Lint - $15.00 REDUCED TO $8--SOLD 8/12 – Fictional biography of the pseudo-pulp author Jeff Lint. Hilarious.

Broderick, Damien – Godplayers - $4.00 REDUCED TO $3 – A series of weird events involve an Average Joe in a multi-world war and a quest for discovery through the cosmos. Sex with purple vegetables. From Thunder’s Mouth Press.


Bowden, Mark – Road Work - $10.00 REDUCED TO $7 – A collection of journalism by the author of Black Hawk Down. Perfect condition except for a few dog-earred pages. First edition.

Stone, Richard – Mammoth: The Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant - $10.00 REDUCED TO $7 – The fascinating story of the mammoth. Photographs. Pristine condition.

Glick, Daniel – Monkey Dancing - $3.00 – A father, three kids, and a journey to the ends of the earth.

Schift, Tracy – Vera - $6.00 REDUCED TO $5 – The noted biography of Vladimir Nabokov’s wife.


Arkham Asylum – Grant Morrison and Dave McKean - $20.00 REDUCED TO $15 – The classic Batman story. Some issues with the spine—coming undone from the boards just a bit. I believe this is a first edition. Hardcover.

Barlowe’s Guide to Extra-Terrestrials - $25.00. REDUCED TO $20 - Classic book in trade paper format. Good condition. First edition (we believe—copyright of 1979).

Cinema of Mystery – Rose London - $4.00 – A lavishly illustrated/photograph-based look at horror films through the ages. Good condition. Trade paper.

Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits – Ennis and Simpson collaboration – $5.00 – The John Constantine story continues. Trade paper. Excellent condition.

Icaro – Moebius-Taniguchi collaboration - $4.00 – Graphic novel about a young man blessed with the fantastic ability of flight. Trade paper. Good condition.

North Carolina Literary Review: SF & Fantasy in North Carolina - $3.00 – Features John Kessel, F. Brett Cox, including essays, interviews, etc. Good condition. Trade paper.

Sun Moon Star – Kurt Vonnegut and Ivan Chermayeff - $50.00 REDUCED TO $35 – Children’s picture book. Large-sized hardcover. Excellent condition. Some scuffing on the dust jacket, though.

The Future Dictionary of America – McSweeney’s Press – $14.00 REDUCED TO $8--SOLD 8/12 - A dictionary of future terms put together by Paul Auster, Peter Carey, Michael Chabon, Kurt Vonnegut, etc. Includes 22-track accompanying CD, with REM, They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits, etc. Hardcover. First edition. Pristine condition.

Unicorn: Myth and Reality – Rudiger Robert Beer - $10.00 REDUCED TO $6 – All about the mighty unicorn. If you’re looking to write some unicorn fiction, you should load up on the information in this one. Hardcover. Torn dust jacket, but the book itself is in good to pristine condition.


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Paul Jessup said...

Dradin in Love is going for how much on Ebay? Christ! I've got a copyt (signed as well) I bought that came with a flyer in a rejection letter from the Silver Web.

Wowza. Never thought a rejection letter would pay off....heh.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU never thought it would pay off? How do you think I feel? :)


At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just noticed your comments on Eugene Izzi. He had a tough guy life. I remember reading a big moody article after his death in something like Esquire or Vanity Fair. Here's a little bio of his:

At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that may have been Neddal Ayad who, as a guest blogger, mentioned Eugene. Or it could have been Iain Rowan. I'm going to email both of them to let them know about your comment.


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