Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Shriek Movie Preview and Schedule

First off, visit the Shriek Movie blog for a short preview of the Shriek movie and for the final schedule of events. I should note that art by Hawk Alfredson, Scott Eagle, Myrtle Vondamitz III, and Steve Kilbey has been added to the movie.

Shriek Website

The Shriek trailer will reside on the new Shriek website--a site designed by Garry Nurrish, who also designed City of Saints & Madmen. I'm really proud of it. I'm also rather thrilled that Tor has already had to bump up the print run for Shriek based on orders for the novel. The official release date is August 8!

My Schedule for August - October

Visit Shriek News for my complete schedule.

SIBA Moveable Feast

I've just gotten word I'll be part of the Southeast Independent Bookseller Association's Moveable Feast of writers on August 9th in Orlando.

Guest Bloggers

Editors, writers, and filmmakers from Portugal, Paris, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Finland are going to be guest blogging while I'm gone - July 20 through August 25. They'll introduce themselves as they post. Thanks to Luis Rodrigues for posting these guest entries.

Shriek Party Photos and Commentary

Shriek event hosts may be posting their photos and accounts on my Shriek Movie blog in late August--check that space.

Shriek Podcast

I will be podcasting Shriek in its entirety, chapter by chapter, throughout August through October, and hopefully (gotta ask Tor first) releasing it through itunes, too.

Borders Promotion

Tentatively, Borders will be posting a link to a special Shriek movie preview page in their national e-newsletter in early August (might change to late August). This will be just a preview--about five minutes of the movie. The premieres will still be at the movie events. This feature will also promote The Church's new CD, Uninvited, Like the Clouds.

Portuguese Poster and Secret Life Excerpt

I love this poster for my Lisbon book signing. Just beautiful! Also, an excerpt of "Secret Life" ("The Pen" and "Home") has been posted at the Portuguese Association for the Fantastic in the Arts site.

Forbidden Planet Podcast

I also love this poster for FB's new Podcast.

Tom Hunter New Arthur C. Clarke Award Administrator

Congrats to Tom Hunter for being named the new administrator of the Clarke Award.

Er, This is Not a Joke...

The international committee to chose the winner of the Jack Trevor Story Memorial Cup has at last been selected. The jury consists of Mr John Coulthart (UK), M. Jean-Luc Fromental (France), Mr Michael Moorcock (UK), Mr Martin Stone (France) and Mr Jeff VanderMeer (USA) who will meet to confer in the course of the following days. The winner will be announced after a traditional final meeting at a well-known brasserie in Paris by the end of July. This prize is not given every year. It is generally awarded for a work of fiction or body of work which, in the opinion of the committee, best celebrates the spirit of Jack Trevor Story, who died in 1992. As well as for his journalism, much of it published in The Guardian newsppaper, Mr Story was known for such humorous novels as The Trouble With Harry (filmed by Alfred Hitchcock) and the Live Now, Pay Later trilogy featuring the 'tally man' Albert Argyll (played by Ian Carmichael). As well as the traditional cup, a cash prize is awarded. The conditions of the prize are that the money shall be spent in a week to a fortnight and the author have nothing to show for it at the end of that time. This is to recall Mr Story's famous reply to the bankruptcy judge who enquired where a substantial sum of money paid to him for film rights had gone -- "You know how it is, judge. Two hundred or two thousand, it always lasts a week to a fortnight.'

Dave Larsen Has a Web Site

Dave Larsen is a skilled metal worker and gunsmith who has done work that's appeared in City of Saints and appearing in the Shriek movie. Now he's got a web site.

Shimon Shertov

A talented filmmaker currently based in Prague, Shimon has featured Hawk Alfredson's work in his movies. He's got a scandalous (in the best sense) website, too. (Best not to open this at work.) Hopefully, he'll be guest blogging.

It's hard to know what we're looking forward to more in Europe--not having internet access 24-7 or the people we're going to meet in each country. I'll get to see my mom and sister for the first time in four years. In addition to staying with my editors in each country and getting to know them better, we'll also catch up with old friends in Paris, hopefully see the Moorcocks and Svankmejer, and have a ton of fun at Finncon in Helsinki--a place where we already feel like we have many, many friends.

Have a great rest of the summer!



At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Clare said...

That clip is stunning Jeff! I love it. Bon voyage and hope you both have a wonderful time.

At 8:29 AM, Blogger Luís Rodrigues said...

Bon voyage, man! See you tomorrow!

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Anne S said...

Safe travelling and be sure to have a good time, which of course, you and Ann being yourselves, will certainly have.

Love the Shriek trailer - look forward whenever to seeing the whole film.


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