Sunday, November 05, 2006


There is another review of my book available as of today. Horrorscope, an Australian site, has reviewed "The Steam Magnate". Some highlights from this review: "Copithorne's world is one of the most striking features of this novel. Broken Glass City is a crisp, intricate place of stone and glass, made real by a meaningful and historically rounded culture. The plot returns often to the city's architecture, a unique approach that enchants the reader with buildings and monuments and constructs a rich portrait of translucent pastels and angular modernity" ... "Another element that sets Copithorne's writing apart is her characterisation" ... "Coupled with the oppressive, clean beauty of the city and the author's explanatory, precise voice, this intriguing style engenders the book with an idiosyncratic atmosphere that is at its best in the richly visual scenes on which the story hangs." (Reviewer Miranda Siemienowicz)

I've been amazed and gratified at how each reviewer has brought their own perspective to their thoughtful and insightful reviews of my work. The reviews are starting to pile up with the list that are on Aio's site, another due soon on SF site, and a rumor that some sites in Germany will also be posting reviews. As well, Juanita Watson of Reader Views will soon be posting an interview with me on their site.

More later in the day...