Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've got new installments of my book column and graphic novel column up. I'm particularly invested in the Bookslut column this time around, which deals with the differences between novels and graphic novels.

I'd also note that starting with the next SF Site column, I will be listing almost all books received during the previous month with a thumbnail review, in addition to any major reviews. I don't think it's fair for publishers to send me so much stuff and not have the space to mention most of it. So, if you're sending me stuff, don't worry--it will be listed at the very least.

Bookslut Column: An Anvil Is Not An Artichoke

SF Site Column: Dispatches From Smaragdine #5


At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the bookslut article. What I cannot get my head around is, in forms which thrive on individuality, why the rush to be part of a greater, homogenous whole? I


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