Friday, September 17, 2004

NEW FAMILY: Introducing Jango and Jackson Del Rio

My reading has been further set back by the addition of two new family members--Jango (sometimes known as Jango Mango) and Jackson Del Rio (sometimes known as Duran Duran--although perhaps Arcadia would be more appropriate; for those of you have read my Anarchy on-the-road account from awhile back, in the VanderWorld Report, about the Nawlins book fair and World Fantasy, you'll know who we named Del Rio after...)


Jackson Del Rio

Jango's a big ole tabby cat who seems set to rule the roost. He's been going over the whole house, climbing onto anything climbable, opening all the drawers and cabinets, and in general making himself at home. Curious cat, we call him. Somehow we have to stop him from being domineering. To us, he's a sweet, goofy cat who loves catnip mice. But I'm afraid Shosh and Del Rio will find him more of a disturbance.

Del Rio's cautious, but not shy. Del Rio is very affectionate, but picks his spots in terms of coming out from his command and control HQ behind the toilet in the guest bathroom. He ventures out until Jango can see him. Jango kind of puffs up and Del Rio goes back into the bathroom. I wouldn't say they're behaving horribly toward each other, but there's definitely some caution there.

Shosh, meanwhile, got a look at Jango--a cat she could fit inside with room to spare--and got really small and ran for the hills. So we've continued to separate all three cats and will gradually ease them in to life together. We really hope that they get along okay. They're all so wonderful in their own ways.

Jango cracked us up when he started playing with the water in his water dish. And earlier, he went to the bowl that's full of catnip mice and instead of pulling one out, he just shoved his whole face in the bowl for a few minutes.

No one will ever replace Pretty Ugly, and our current cat, Shoshona, is none too pleased right now, but she'll have to get over it.



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