Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I think it's great Zoran finally has an agent--and a really good one, too--for English language rights...


The latest client of the John Jarrold Literary Agency is World Fantasy Award-winning Serbian author, Zoran Zivkovic. Jarrold will be selling the author’s English Language rights.

Zivkovic has won major awards in his native country, as well as being twice nominated for the distinguished International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and winning the World Fantasy Award for his mosaic-novel THE LIBRARY (2003). All of his work has received outstanding reviews, characterising his writing as:

THE FOURTH CIRCLE: ‘The finest allegory of understanding to hit the shelves in some time’

TIME-GIFTS: ‘Provocative and compelling…and deserving of a larger and thoughtful audience’

THE WRITER: ‘A glorious satire on the pompous myopia of establishment novelists and their naturalistic art’

THE LIBRARY: ‘Polished and frighteningly intelligent’

His most recent novel is COMPARTMENTS, published in 2004.

John Jarrold said: ‘Zoran is the fourth author I’ve taken on as a literary agent, and it’s stunning to work with a writer of such power and intelligence this early in the agency’s life. To label his work as post-modernist, magic realism or anything else that specific is to underrate his range. He’s just a fabulous writer, and I hope he won’t mind if I invoke Kafka and Milan Kundera when I look at the scope of his prose.’

For further information, please contact John Jarrold by e-mail on: j.jarrold@btopenworld.com or by phone on 01424 440652.


At 7:15 PM, Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

That's excellent news. Incidentally, my interview with Zoran went up last week at Strange Horizons.


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