Thursday, August 11, 2005


So me 'n' Ann spent the evening, after March of the Penguins got canceled due to a power outage, playing gin rummy at Borders, using the magical Magic For Beginners playing cards that come with the limited edition of Kelly Link's new collection. I meant to mention these cards before, because they're very cool. The cover on the back and Shelley Jackson's illustrations on the other side. There were many mutterings to all sides about "cool cards" and "wonder what those cards are of." This in addition to three grizzled old bearded men sitting in a corner pondering God and the potential for humankind to transcend. And us playing cards for no stakes. Just reinforces my desire to do some Ambergris playing cards. Anyhow, the cards are very cool and yet another reason to get the limited edition of Kelly's collection.


(Evil Monkey: "What's this I hear about you renaming your cats? Why do you want to do that?"
Jeff: "Because I was bored. Besides, the names are better. Jango became Banjo became Ipod became Ripcord became Mobhead became Felon became Fatbrain."
Evil Monkey: "You're confusing me."
Jeff: Jackson became Dragon became Magellan became Nostrodamus became Gradus became Sinistre became Slipknot."
Evil Monkey: "Stop it! You're messing with my brain!"
Jeff: "Shoshona became Shashimi became Bubbles became Small Head became DSL became Chubs Magoo became Fangdolicious."
Evil Monkey: "You are destroying my reality."
Jeff: "Why?"
Evil Monkey: "I can't remember which was the mouth-wateringly succulent one.")