Saturday, July 30, 2005


Polyphony, which just garnered another World Fantasy Award nomination, is an anthology series worth supporting. To that end, find below their recent press release about a limited edition version of the Polyphony volumes. I hope everyone will support Polyphony in this new effort and buy what promises to be a very cool collector's item.


July 27, 2005. Wheatland Press is pleased to announce that it will offer the critically acclaimed Polyphony anthology series, edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake, in a limited edition hard cover, with each volume signed by all contributors.

“Ever since the first volume of Polyphony appeared, people have been asking whether I would be publishing a hard cover limited edition,” says Deborah Layne, founder of Wheatland Press “The publication of the fifth volume of Polyphony calls for some kind of celebration, and this seems to me like a good way to do it.”

Beginning with the Polyphony series, Wheatland Press has established a reputation for publishing cutting edge short fiction from a range of new and established authors. In 2003, Wheatland published Greetings From Lake Wu, the first story collection from the 2004 John W. Campbell Award winner Jay Lake. Greetings From Lake Wu also showcased the artwork of Hugo Award winning artist Frank Wu. That same year saw the first print edition of Howard Waldrop’s stunning collection of film and television stories, Dream Factories and Radio Pictures. In 2004 Bruce Holland Rogers received a World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story for “Don Ysidro,” from Polyphony 3. Rogers has had a story in each volume of Polyphony.

Commenting on Polyphony, Rogers said, “The Polyphony anthology series is an escape tunnel between the ghettos of speculative and literary fiction, but writers in the tunnel forget which way they were going. They stop, widen the tunnel, install skylights, settle down, and intermarry. I always hoped this would happen.”

Editor Michael Chabon selected Tim Pratt’s story “Hart and Boot” from Polyphony 4 for the 2005 edition of Best American Short Stories, one of only three stories from science fiction and fantasy venues to be included in that prestigious volume. Also, from Polyphony 4, Chabon selected Jeff VanderMeer’s “Three Days in a Border Town,” as a recommended story.

Each limited edition Polyphony volume will contain a new introduction and a new story specially commissioned for the hard cover edition. Wheatland Press plans to produce no more than 150 copies of the signed limited edition, but an unsigned hard cover will also be available.

The publication date is March 1, 2006, but the books can be pre-ordered now directly from Wheatland Press (

For more information contact Deborah Layne at


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