Thursday, April 20, 2006


If you haven't heard already, Elizabeth Hand has some great news on her website:

Harcourt Trade Publishers announces the acquisition of paperback reprint rights to GENERATION LOSS by New York Times notable and multiple award-winning author, Elizabeth Hand. Like Harcourt’s partnership with MacAdam/Cage in the acquisition of THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, GENERATION LOSS was acquired in a hard-soft deal with Small Beer Press by Harvest Editorial Director Tina Pohlman and Small Beer Press co-publishers Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, from agent Martha Millard of Martha Millard Literary Agency. The Small Beer hardcover is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2007, to be followed by the Harvest paperback in Spring 2008.

I heard her read the beginning of this novel at ICFA and was utterly blown away by it. It was emotionally wrenching, honest, and unbelievably well-written, in a first-person voice I found authentic and original.

I'd also like to say that Small Beer Press, as usual, is demonstrating a keen amount of brilliance with this partnership.



6 sets triceps
6 sets biceps
6 sets forearms
100 bridges
200 crunches

Upper body
3 sets bench press (bar bell, 170 lbs)
3 sets flyes (two 25 lb weights)
3 sets chest pull over (one 50 lb weight)
3 sets military press (two 30 lb weights)
25 minutes on exercise bike
3 sets of crunches will heavy ball
3 sets of bridges (40 a set)

1/2 mile run
100 crunches
3 sets of raises for obliques
3 sets at 70 lbs (each side) for obliques (pulling across)
Lower body
9 sets at 700 lbs (3 in a row--feet apart upper; lower; feet together) on incline leg press
10 sets to exhaustion (2 in a row each; 20 second rest between each 2-set combo), decreasing to 600, 500, 400, 300, and 200 lbs.
3 sets calf raise (120 lbs, plus leg weight)
3 sets leg curl (65 lbs--30 seconds rest between)
3 sets pull down latt (80 lbs, each side)
3 sets seated row (140 lbs, two-handed grip)
3-mile run followed by 3 100-yard wind sprints back to back

Upper body
3 sets bench press (bar bell, 160 lbs)
3 sets shrugs (two 25 lb weights)
4 sets bicep curls (two 30 lb weights)
4 sets triceps (immediately following bicep set, own weight to exhaustion, immediately followed by 20 lb behind back, followed by 30 lb at each side)
4 sets forearm curls (immediately following triceps set)
3 sets of crunches with ball
3 sets of leg lifts
3 sets of bridges (40 each set)
brisk 3-mile walk


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