Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Who are these new writers--either new because young or new because not fully noticed before (or "new" because I got lazy and didn't keep up with my reading)--that are combining influences in new ways, cross-pollinating fiction, or renovating it, or just writing great stuff? Here are a few who have caught my eye:

Alan DeNiro
Shelley Jackson
Nick Mamatas
Alex Irvine (yeah, I know everyone else already noticed him)
Michael Cisco (it's a pet peeve of mine that he's not better known)
K.J. Bishop
Jay Lake
Alan Wall (well, it doesn't take a divining rod to pick him)
Ian R. McLeod (under-appreciated because he takes his time writing his novels, and gets them right)

Check out their work, if you haven't already. I think it's likely, though, that I've simply come a little late to the dinner table, so to speak.



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