Thursday, May 13, 2004


If it wasn't obvious before, it should be obvious by now that we have a moron for a president--corrupt, incompetent, venal, surrounded by like-minded liars. We are now living in a culture where our government uses torture as a routine matter of policy and in which the government, and many of our citizens, see all Moslems, all Arabs, as terrorists. A country in which our government has worked very hard to bring a nonsensical illogic to such issues as who was responsible for 911 and who wasn't. That some congressmen can actually express more outrage over the release of photographs depicting torture than the actions depicted in them is not only nauseating--it reflects a basic lack of humanity. The only correct solution is to leave Iraq, immediately. The only correct solution is to put Bush and his cronies out on the street in November.

Thus endeth the political commentary in this blog. However, I would draw your attention to three wonderful blogs that are doing a great job of sharing information, and a Web site that is doing the same. All four, in their way, are doing things I wish I could do, but also doing them better than I could.


Kathryn Cramer

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Kim Antieau



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