Thursday, May 27, 2004


I'm sure most readers of this blog are already aware of the charity auction to help Charles L. Grant, noted horror writer and author. There are about 3 days left in the auction, and all of the money is going to basically help keep Grant alive. For the details about his illness, go to this site

The auction includes lots of items by writers such as Peter Straub, China
Mieville, etc., and you can bid on items here.

I've contributed several items, which are being offered in one lot.

The items I've sent in include a copy of the Finnish Exchange (which you just can't get here), a regular Exchange (but one of the numbered signed copies that were meant for the deluxe Exchange, we just never put them together), a signed first edition of my Secret Life collection, a signed edition of the book publication of Dradin, In Love (often selling for $125 to $150 from book dealers), and a copy of the 100-copy Eric Schaller-illustrated chapbook of the "Secret Life" story, which I only printed up for close friends and family. This will be the only copy ever "sold" as it were.

All by way of saying--go check out the auction, help out a writer who really needs it right now...



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