Monday, December 20, 2004


I don't usually use this blog to sell things, but Terry Rentzepis, who is doing the illustrations and cover for my Secret Lives collection, is making a special offer to friends and family--and friends of friends--on some of his prints. These are really cool paintings.

Terry says:

"Hello and happy holidays! I have worked out a deal with my printer, which is allowing me to offer a great savings on some of my prints! I am only going to offer this deal through January…So take advantage of it! The prints are 12X15 (my small sized prints) and are limited edition giclee’s on 100% Cotton rag archival water color paper! I am not putting this special on my site! This is extended only to friends and family and anyone they deem worthy! Order them through this e-mail: See the flyer for specifics and prints available!"


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