Sunday, January 30, 2005


Farah Mendlesohn, the noted critic, editor, and reviewer, now has a blog, devoted to children's literature, especially children's SF. She has already posted several thought-provoking entries. I see her blog as a kind of ongoing investigation/conversation--clearly a blog is less formal a forum than the books and essays Farah is working on, but the blog format allows her to do short analyses of books, put forth ideas, and just generally test things out. I find it very thought-provoking.

She's also floating a questionnaire about SF reading habits to help "provide material for a book called (provisionally), The Inter-Galactic Playground of Children's Science Fiction to be published by McFarland Press. The research is supported by the Eileen Wallace Children's Library (University of New Brunswick), Middlesex University (London) and the British Academy." It doesn't take much time to answer the questions--I urge you to take the time to respond to it, to make Farah's sample as large as possible.



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