Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Although I rather specifically and pointedly did not beg for votes in the Locus Awards, I am very happy that people did vote for Secret Life (#6 in the collections category) and "Three Days in a Border Town" (#4 under novelettes). Thanks so much to those who voted for me--I do appreciate it.

I am equally grateful that I came in at #14 in the best editor category. Ministry of Whimsy basically crashed and burned last year, so I was happy to see the emolation noted in some form. (Regardless, Leviathan will rise again, like some unsinkable floatation device or unsinkable blubberous beast, never fear.)

For someone who is always surprised to be in the running in a popularity contest, this is good news indeed.

So thanks--and congrats to the winners, listed here.


(Evil Monkey: "Fascinating magazine, this Locus. I've never seen it before. Such pretty ads. So much information." Jeff: "Yes. It is the Billboard of the genre fiction field." Evil Monkey: "There's some stuff in here about a guy named Cory Doctorow and 'creative commons'. What the fuck is that?" Jeff: "That's where you give your work away for free over the internet in a kind of formal ceremony involving a Japanese sword and a bottle of champagne." Evil Monkey: "And you do this why?" Jeff: "Cause it's fun. And because it probably maybe doesn't affect sales of the real book." Evil Monkey: "Interesting. Says in here that Doctorow is offering his latest book free to developing nations. They can create their own printed versions of the book." Jeff: "Cool." Evil Monkey: "He also says, 'The rich nations where my paying customers live are strictly off-limits.' So--how the hell is he going to enforce that? And will the nations classified as developing be pissed off that they aren't considered 'rich.' What about parts of the U.S. that are still developing? What about developing countries where publishers do offer at least small advances and have at least a rudimentary publishing system in place already?" Jeff: "I don't know, EM. It's a nice gesture. Look, all of those fiction-starved people in developing countries can now read Doctorow's novel for free, if they have access to the internet or if the people who create their own copies don't sell them to other people for too high a price. He is providing them with the gift of Coryfiction." Evil Monkey: "I see. Should we send them food, too, do you think?" Jeff: "Sure." Evil Monkey: "So--are you going to do this creative commons thing ever?" Jeff: "I'm thinking about it. But I like the Small Beer model better, actually." Evil Monkey: "How's that different?" Jeff: "You don't make the latest books available under creative commons--only the ones that have already pretty much gone through the full sales cycle. Customer still gets some value but you don't risk your sales on your new books, while still getting a nice PR kick for both the old book and the new book. Very smart." Evil Monkey: "So when will you issue a book that way?" Jeff: "I already have. I'm just not telling anyone where on the net I've hidden it." Evil Monkey: "Doesn't that defeat the purpose?" Jeff: "Depends on the purpose.")


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Always_Adventuring said...

Wow, congratulations on some pretty impressive awards. I was doing some blog searching for a project I'm working on and saw you're in Florida, which is also where I'm from. I've lived in Gainesville for six years and Tampa for a year before coming to the midwest to stay with friends for the summer before returning to school. Looking further I saw you're a writer, as am I. So I thought I'd say hi and I enjoyed reading.

At 3:47 AM, Blogger JP said...


At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emolation = a combination of emotion and immolation.

In some parts of the world, "Emolation" actually means "flaming death by emu".


At 9:19 PM, Blogger JP said...

Thanks for the clarifuscation!

At 1:36 AM, Blogger Hal Duncan said...

I thought it meant "flaming death by Fugazi".


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