Friday, January 27, 2006


Shriek: An Afterword is officially out in the UK and the rest of the British Commonwealth. Neil Williamson has already sighted Shriek (facing out, thank god, not spined) at a Waterstones in Glasgow. Cory Doctorow has sighted it at Holtzbrinck.

If you've seen it, let me know--post a comment.

I'm already getting emails from readers telling me they've started Shriek and are really enjoying it, which I'm very pleased about!

Also, don't forget to check out the blog entry below, about special offers and my mailing list!


P.S. It looks like a European book tour is a go for the summer! Roughly as follows:

Summer 2006 (dates tentative; specifics of events to follow)
July 22 - July 27 - Portugal (for various events facilitated by Luis Rodrigues, and hopefully in support of a book/let of a novella from City of Saints)
July 28 - August 4 - France (in support of Calmann-Levy's release of City of Saints & Madmen; they're putting a major major push behind the book)
August 5 - August 11 - Germany (in support of Klett-Cotta's release of City of Saints & Madmen in a beautiful hardcover edition and of the soon-to-be-released Veniss Underground from Piper)
August 12 - August 16 - Czech Republic (in support of the Laser edition of Veniss)
August 17 - August 23 - Finland (Guest of Honor, Finncon)

...which puts us back in the U.S. just in time for the U.S. signings and readings for Shriek from Tor, then World Fantasy Con, and a collapse from exhaustion in late November/December...


At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Clare said...

Jeff: SHRIEK just spotted (and acquired from) the mainstream section of Borders in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK...Will keep it pristine in hope of a signing one day (with your pen with the special blood ink)


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