Sunday, February 05, 2006


Organizing My Office

So, as I may have mentioned, I cleaned out my office yesterday. Having begun to get books to consider for the World Fantasy Award and also having realized that with all I've got on my plate this year I need to be better organized, I spent a good eight hours, helped by Ann and some trappist ale, sorting through everything.

One thing that struck me immediately is that surplus books need to get the hell out of the house, what with all the books coming in. And also because the clutter was beginning to get to me.

At the same time, I'm building up a war chest for all of the stuff I'm doing this year that requires money.

Yes, Another Book Sale--But With Cool Incentives

Thus, another book sale. But not just any book sale--oh no. I found so much cool stuff that I can't use any more for PR or other purposes. I found the City of Saints fortune cookies I used to use at conventions I found the wrappers from City of Saints candy bars. I found promotional posters. I found very cool fungus and candles left over from The Exchange. I found cover flats from various books. I found old drafts of poetry in long-hand. I found cool blank books for writing in. I found plastic squid and rubber squid. I found Hoegbotton & Son stickers. I found copies of cool little chapbooks and copies of books by British small presses. I found a ton of stuff. AND, I found enough of the 9 x 12 promotional posters for the fake disease guide (Night Shade cover) that not only will I toss in a few of these other cool things mentioned above, but ALSO everyone who orders in the next month or so will get a free copy of the disease guide poster with their order. It's a cool stiff-backed poster, full-color, suitable for framing, of the NS edition cover of the book.

Who knows? You might wind up with something really cool or you might wind up with a poem I wrote when I was 12. You takes your chances. :) And my office will finally be a peaceful place rather than a cluttered mess.

Where Is This Wonderful Book Sale of Which You Speak?

Right on the Hoegbotton Book Store Web Site, terms and conditions above and new additions below, followed by stock we've had for awhile.

What Kinds of Things Are You Selling?

I found lots of extra copies buried under piles of papers--things like:

Dradin and Other Stories - The only Greek edition of my work
The Exchange - Extra copies of the cool chapbook illustrated by Eric Schaller
Stadt der Heilegen - The German edition of City of Saints

And a lot more. I have to get rid of some of the copies, keeping only three or four for my personal library because the book situation is just getting ridiculous.

A lot of the other books we're selling constitute extra copies, or things we don't really want to get rid of but have to . We thought about just putting them up for sale on Amazon, but we'd like them to go to good homes.

So, take a look at the selection and see the Terms and Conditions section to contact Ann to order.


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeff

As a pack rat (and daughter of a better-organized version), I can't indulge. But you might be interested in the March 8 "For Better or Worse" cartoon, if you haven't seen it already. I look at it on the Washington Post comics page -- -- but you can probably find another source if you don't have time to look today. -- Faren

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, post pictures of your books/bookshelves.
I, for one, love to see rooms full of books.. even if they are messy rooms. :)

At 6:54 AM, Blogger JeffV said...

Thanks to both of you. And I will take some photos of shelves.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Skjeve said...

Buh. Not *fair*. Not fair at all, to post excellent books relatively cheaply. I'm supposed to be doing things like saving up for tuition and maybe paying off a couple back bills...

...sod it. Books are *important*. Have fired off an inquiry about several still on the list, and hope to hear back soon re: shipping costs and availability.

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