Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm pleased to announce a new, as-yet-untitled project with Payseur & Schmidt.

Housed in a specially made slipcase, it will consist of one volume of my uncollected new fiction, one volume of my uncollected new nonfiction, and one volume of a complete annotated bibliography of all of my published work dating back to, er, middle school. Each volume will be perfect-bound. Probably included with this package will be a ten-inch 78rpm record with music related to my fiction. Readers will be able to buy the whole package or the individual volumes, as they wish.

The god...the design is going to insanely beautiful. The whole thing is going to be like a dream.

Anyway, that's the basic idea--details will, no doubt, change. Planned publication is for sometime between September and November 2007.

This is just an informal note for now. Eventually, there will be a page on the P&S site with more information.


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