Monday, March 06, 2006


Very happy to report that the following blurb and review have shown up for Shriek.


"Bloody brilliant!" - Hal Duncan

A good review in The Times. Kudos to Liz Williams, too!

Although set in an imaginary world, Shriek: An Afterword is a far cry from generic fantasy: there are touches of Borges and Nabokov as well as H.P. Lovecraft in this tale of changing fortunes and shifting relationships in the city of Ambergris, the foundations of which contain the home of a strange race known as gray caps, who hover on the threshold of legend armed with spores and fungal bombs...Jeff VanderMeer has an avant-garde, surrealistic sensibility, and the cult following he has is bound to expand on the strength of this atmospheric novel.

(Evil Monkey: "Hey--do you think people would buy something called The Evil Monkey's Guide to Writing Fiction?" Jeff: "Um, maybe. What fiction have you written?" Evil Monkey: "Okay, smart ass, so maybe I'd need some help with it.")


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