Tuesday, June 27, 2006


UPDATE: 7:30pm - We're now stuck in...Atlanta. And Ann points out that there was no floor above us at the Wayfarer. Therefore, the sounds we heard during the night had to be people walking on the *roof*. Cue creepy music... But we have escaped New Hampshire's gravitational pull. We put down our previous inability to Matt Cheney's cat's unwillingness to let us pet it.

Well, we're still in New Hampshire. Delta totally fucked up our entire flight schedule and the best they could do is get us out this morning. Last night, we stayed at a Hampton Inn, having refused to go back to the disturbing Quality Inn, also known as the Wayfarer Inn. Why? Inconsistent electricity. No air conditioning. Insane farm equipment on the walls. A real low-rent Shining ambiance. Dead girls wandering the halls. Weird sounds in the ceiling. Sweating doors. You know--just the usual.

So in the meantime, in addition to getting some work done, I've posted an entry about Shriek on the Shriek movie blog, including a very brief sound file from the movie.

Today, we hope to leave New Hampshire. Please?



At 12:59 PM, Anonymous carolyn said...

If you're at the Manchester Wayfarer, that's the place generations of political reporters have camped out while covering the NH primary. No wonder it gave you the creeps.

At 2:40 AM, Anonymous Graham said...

Infallible law of consumerism: Anything with "Quality" in its name will be somewhere between bad and apocalyptically dreadful...

At 8:45 AM, Blogger The Head said...

fare Ffffffffffffforward BRAVE adventurers . . .!


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