Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Evil Monkey: You're not?
Luís: No! I was just resting. What did you put me in a coffin for? What were you thinking?
Evil Monkey: Let me put it this way: have you ever read "The Transformation of Martin Lake"?
Luís: You were planning to kill me?!
Evil Monkey: Of course not. Remember, I don't exist --- I'm just a figment of that other human's imagination.
Luís: You mean Jeff?
Evil Monkey: Yeah, that's the one. You people all look the same to me. Is he still with you? Is he doing okay?
Luís: Jeff and Ann left this morning and must be in France by now, feasting on croissants and fine French cuisine. Why?
Evil Monkey: No reason.
Luís: Do you miss him already?
Evil Monkey: No!
Luís: I think you do.
Evil Monkey: Shut up!
Luís: Say no more.
Evil Monkey: I hate you.


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