Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Er, a more specific link, even...

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: The main Clarion Auction page is here. Because I got my entry in late, it is not part of the main Clarion Auction, although the monies will go to Clarion (and it's up to $101.00 bid already). There are many fine, cool things up for bid. Since mine isn't listed there, if you do mention the auction, please also mention the direct listing for my item or people won't see it.

The listing (scroll down) for what I'm offering is now up. Please bid early and often. Here's the description again:

The winner of this auction will have his or her name incorporated into the next Ambergris story (or failing that, the next novel) that I'm currently working on, but not as a character per se. Instead, the person will be the creator of some object, social institution, or other cultural meme that will reverberate throughout the future history of my city of Ambergris.

For example, John Manzikert became the name of a type of automobile, The Manzikert, and a cult, the Manziists. Or, for another example, my agent, Howard Morhaim, became the founder of the Morhaim Museum.

Therefore, you will be immortalized (dragged through the dirt?) in the history of Ambergris and will no doubt continue to appear in future work. In addition, I will send you a signed copy of the manuscript of the story or novel the name first appears in, and a copy of the publication it appears in (or book, if the novel) as well.

It's for a good cause and I'll put your name to devilishly good use, so...



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