Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In January 2006 the UK trade paperback of Shriek came out, followed by the hardcover US version in August 2006. This month, the mass market of Shriek is out in the UK. It looks great. A nice 450 pages. A nice chunk o' book. Later this month, the Shriek movie will debut online.

Thus far, Shriek has made the best-of lists of The San Francisco Chronicle, The Austin Chronicle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Forbidden Planet, Ed Champion, and Revolution SF.

I've also been pleased to see City of Saints still making inroads, appearing on a lot of blogger year's best lists. It also appeared on one list as "most overrated" book of the year. Which really tickles me because this assumes a level of "ratedness" that I never expected the book to achieve.

As far as the UK goes, radio silence for the most part. I expect that to continue, for a variety of reasons.