Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A few odds-and-ends from the last few weeks. I also have just finalized plans to do a graphic novel sidebar column for Realms of Fantasy, starting with their October issue. Thanks to Paul Witcover for his help with that.

Cat Rambo has a story at Dark Recesses. Upcoming work this month includes "Eagle-haunted Lake Sammammish" in Shimmer and "An Appetite for Love" in Sybil's Garage.

Toni Jerrman editor of the cool Finnish mag Tähtivaeltaja emails to announce:

Tähtivaeltaja-award 2007 nominees

Tähtivaeltaja-award is given annually to the best science fiction book published in Finland during the previous year - it can be a novel or a short story collection; a translation or an original Finnish work. Tähtivaeltaja-award is given by Helsinki Science Fiction Society, which is also behind the Tähtivaeltaja-semiprozine. Of the sf books published the previous year five best books are selected for the short list. The winner is chosen by a jury of experts. The nominees for the best science fiction book published in Finland in 2006 are:
-Steve Aylett: Atomi (Atom)
-Stepan Chapman: Troikka (The Troika)
-Benoit Duteurtre: Tyttö ja tupakka (La petite fille et la cigarette
- Engl.: The Little Girl and the Cigarette)
-Michel Houellebecq: Mahdollinen
saari (La possibilité d'une ile - Engl.: The Possibility of an Island)
-J. Pekka Mäkelä: Alshain (original Finnish novel)

The winner will be announced in May at the Tähtivaeltaja-day

Think Galactic out of Chicago is having their first convention. You can find details here.



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