Sunday, April 01, 2007


John Scalzi is in for it now with his SFWA write-in candidate campaign in jeopardy due to threats by myself (original post directly below) and the following:

Jayme Lynn Blaschke has tossed his hat into the ring. How he will now protect himself from sunburn, I have no idea.

Cat Rambo has posted her own rebuttal of my candidacy, to which I say only that future fiction collaborations with her and her team of way-too-intelligent pets will be much more acrimonious than previously planned.

Will Shetterly is braving the cold waters of political candidacy as well and has further been heard to say in private that he's going to build a SFWA pirate ship.

Cheryl Morgan, through Kevin Standlee, nails down a few planks.

Paul Melko says he's gonna run--but doesn't have a plank to stand on.

Paul Di Filippo, on the other hand, reports that all of these candidacies may be for naught, as the cartoons take over.

Meanwhile, that damnable Bond Girl stirs things up once again by saying she is NOT running for SFWA president.

Jed Hartman lays down the gauntlet by calling John Scalzi, "Scizlo".

That Virtual derelict Jay Lake decides to take on responsibility for once, while Marly Youmans sends in the wombats and Jeremiah Tolbert complicates an already crowded field...

Finally, that despicable newt Skip Moles has also issued a communique regarding the presidency, trying to wrest it from legitimate candidates with his noxious bullying. To describe my feelings toward Skip as "hatred" would be like calling a mighty oak a sedgeweed.

In related news, Locus Online reports that Scalzi and his main rival decry the use of SFWA monies to fund rejection slip orgasm research. (Although I prefer this article by Buffo Tuelth about finding useful work for genre writers, since it speaks to SFWA's failure to provide active members with productive employment.)

I imagine more campaigns will come out of the woodwork during the course of the day. To all of them, Evil Monkey and I say: Bring it on, mofos.


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