Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Best American Fantasy reviewed in the May 28th Publishers Weekly:

In a genre where yearly “best of” volumes often repeat one another, the first in Prime’s new annual fantasy anthology series is a breath of eclectic and delightfully innovative fresh air. While the VanderMeers have included such fantasy veterans as Kelly Link and Elizabeth Hand, most of the 29 stories are by nongenre authors as well as gifted newcomers. Among the more memorable tales are Tyler Smith’s “A Troop [sic] of Baboons,” about a troupe of unruly baboon thespians, and Tony D’Souza’s whimsical “The Man Who Married a Tree,” about a man in love with a birch tree. This outstanding entry in the crowded “best of” stakes may not be the most commercially successful fantasy anthology of the year, but genre and mainstream fiction fans alike will be pleasantly surprised by these unconventional short fiction gems.

I just wish they'd mentioned that Matt Cheney is the series editor, since that is a weighted position that greatly influences all of the contents.

BAF should be on bookshelves around mid-July.



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Thought you might be interested in this Tony D'Souza interview

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