Thursday, September 01, 2005


Thanks to Kameron for some intense, beautifully written, and often moving posts. I've loved Brutal Women for a long time and I think you can see why.

Hurricane Aftermath

Please contribute to the Red Cross and other relief organizations. The situation around New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in general is going from bad to worse. JUST as importantly for the long term, I urge people to investigate why this disaster got so bad and, if it seems appropriate, to email, write, or call their senator or representative to demand accountability, should accountability be the issue. The reports of levees not being prepared for a hurricane of this type and the derth of National Guardsmen--all this and more needs to be analyzed and reported on in more depth.

We might also take this time to reflect on what I call our negative technology. We have done such a wonderful job of fucking up the environment for short term gains over the last hundred years that vast stretches of the Gulf Coast, for example, no longer had their natural hurricane defenses in place. Tie this in with our suicidal consumption of dirty energy--the reckless and selfish fascination with SUVs, for example--that is creating global warming and you'll find there are a lot of things we need to fix in our way of thinking. Right now, the U.S. is behaving like an irrational teenager. And our technology, far from being a benefit, is, in many cases, a curse. We need to stop thinking of "advances" and "technology" as being intrinsically beneficial or we're doomed. Technophilia is as dangerous as technophobia.

Blog Changes

Right. After that subject, the idea of dealing with upcoming blog changes is faintly ludicrous, but here goes: Juha Lindroos is developing a new template for this blog so that it can become Command Central for me. In addition to the usual posts, you'll find information on my books, upcoming events, and news & info sections. This may or may not happen before I go to Australia.

Brisbane Festival Events

We're off to Australia starting September 20 (although it'll be September 23 by the time we get there). Here's my schedule thus far. I'm really excited about meeting lots of interesting people on this trip.

Sept. 27 - Masterclass and panel discussion, Cairns
Sept. 30 - Masterclass, Brisbane (the rest of my Brisbane schedule, Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, has yet to be announced)
Oct. 6 - Reading and signing at Galaxy Bookstore (sponsored by the Brisbane Festival), 6:30 pm, Sydney

Australian Guest Bloggers

While I'm in Australia, a number of Australia writers and editors will be guest blogging on VanderWorld. Should be fascinating.

Bookstore Site

Ann and I have started a bookstore site to sell our books. We've always wanted to own a bookstore. This is as close as we get. We've just decided to, over time, become active book dealers. It's in our blood anyway.

Later today I will post the winners of the last line contest and a few other things.


(Evil Monkey: So. Why the hell is your photo still of a 25-year-old woman? Jeff: Can't figure out how to change it yet. Evil Monkey: You're a moron. Jeff: Possibly.)


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