Thursday, October 13, 2005


As I may have mentioned, my novel Veniss Underground is out from Bantam Spectra this month. I'm very excited about it, as this is my first book from a major publisher in the U.S., except for the disease guide, which I only co-edited.

You can buy it from Amazon and read more about it in the current Bantam Spectra Newsletter. Also below find some reader comments from those who read advance copies of this edition, which includes three related stories and a novella.

Also check out these reviews of the old version from the Guardian,, The San Francisco Chronicle, and SF Weekly.

An ad for the book recently ran in the New York Times Book Review, with another planned for the new magazine Fantasy, edited by Sean Wallace (among others).


Reader Comments from Spectra Edition

"What started out weird and totally strange ended up as a story of strength, love and courage. I was fascinated with the devotion of Shadrach to atone for his 'sin' and salvage his life and the life of his lover; the bizarre world of Veniss Underground added a wonderful depth and backdrop to the tale. Jeff VanderMeer has a marvelous way with words and images, evoking great emotion from his twisted and
fantastic world." Don S., Littleton, CO

"What is thought-provoking and terrifying and made this book very worthwhile is how much of the seed of the Veniss Underground world is already sown in our own. It truly is a speculation of what may lie in our future. It was not an easy book to read but, as I already mentioned, very much worthwhile. I really enjoyed the author's use of language and wish I were as adept at it as he. Sigrun S.,
London, Ontario, Canada

"A unique story. Alternately amazed and horrified at the depth of Jeff VanderMeer's
imagination, I remained glued to the pages. Enjoyable and intense. Debra G., Wolcott, CT

"A tale of post-cyberpunk that includes elements of horror. VanderMeer is a master in describing this futuristic world of Veniss. Readers of science fiction will appreciate his style and ability to give the reader a sense of possible advancements in technology along with examples of where science may not want to go. I highly
recommend this book." Michael M., Wauchula, FL

"A peek at a scary futuristic Earth where I felt horrified at what Jeff VanderMeer's imagination could produce. I could not believe that even with all this horror, he could make me see beauty also. I was surprised to find myself at times near tears. This book had passages that stuck with me after I read it. I really respect an author who can create a vision in my mind that lasts." Patricia R., Lombard, IL

"A departure from the typical science fiction or fantasy enjoyable tale, providing the reader an escape into a universe filled with mystery. The stories in Veniss Underground offer the reader an opportunity to glimpse a different universe, one not seen through rose-colored glasses. This is a novel that fans of fantasy
or science fiction will enjoy." Michael K., Sweet Valley, PA

"This very powerful book tells of the age-old story of the strength of true love, that of a brother and sister, and man and a woman. This story will amaze you, thrill you, defeat you, and renew you when love conquers." Judy H., Lebanon, MO


At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an ad for Veniss in the October issue of Locus on page 16.

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