Friday, March 31, 2006


Eric Marin's Lone Star Stories has a new issue online, including one of my secret lives stories and other cool stuff.

Jason interviews me for FantasyBookSpot. It's pretty comprehensive. He asked really good questions.

Denver Post reviews me and Abraham. Good company! I like Abraham a lot. And he's a great guy.

I just got the second book in R. Scott Bakker's fantasy trilogy in the mail yesterday. I cannot escape the Bakker. Tomorrow, I'll be shaving and I'll look in the mirror and he'll be standing behind me...

Anyway, the book looks really good, but I'll have to go get the first one and start at the beginning. I like the stylized approach to his prose--it's all very much set continually on High Drama, but it seems to work.

Tomorrow: Surprises. Monday: Scalzi interview. Later in the week: Pirates, American Fantasy, and much else...


Friday night exercise:
20 minutes abs (crunches, obliques)
half-mile run
6 sets incline leg press (550 lbs)
4 sets leg extension (3 at 200 lbs, 1 right after 3rd at 100 lbs)
3 sets leg curls (1 each at 60, 55, and 50 lbs, no rest between, both legs)
5 sets calf raises (200 lbs plus body weight)
chest/shoulders (consecutive, no rest):
3 sets bench press, 2 50 lb dumbbells
3 sets flyes, 2 35 lb dumbbells
3 sets inverted chest/shoulder press, 2 35 lb dumbbells
3 military shoulder press, 2 35 lbs dumbbells
3 overhead dumbbell (chest/abs/etc), 1 65 lb dumbbell
3 sets pull down lat (left side, then right, isolated), 80 lbs
3 sets pull down lat (wide grip, using bar), 150 lbs
4 sets seated rows (left side, then right, isolated), 80 lbs
30 minutes on exercise bike (hill levels)
2 tenth-mile wind sprints


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Scott's series kick's ass, and I'm saying that with knowledge he owes a Jap a pint when in Rome - sell-out!

That's the first tine somebody has called me 'Jason' since the 80's, I almost didn't realize it was me.


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