Friday, March 24, 2006


At ICFA I bought Wolfe's Soundings and although I haven't read the reviews section of the book yet (although it looks enticing), I did read the introduction, which I thought was superb--very thoughtful. It says some thing that are important for reviewers, readers, and writers to keep in mind at all times.

Now Locus Online has posted Wolfe's introduction. You really should read it--and buy the book. People think of Locus' reviews as being disposable because it's a monthly trade magazine, but they're really not in many cases, and Wolfe's a good example of why not.


Exercise, Thursday:
Day off

(Evil Monkey: " write any fiction this week?" Jeff: "Yeah." Evil Monkey: "How much?" Jeff: "I dunno--a bit." Evil Monkey: "How many words?" Jeff: "Well, I guess 322." Evil Monkey: "That's terrible! That's a horrible output!" Jeff: "Fuck you. They were the right 322 words.")


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