Thursday, April 06, 2006


My good friend Eric Schaller, he of the hedgehogs, is not just an amazing scientist--he's also an amazing illustrator, who did a lot of the City of Saints illos, and has written some great short stories (SciFiction, LCRW, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror). I've often wished he would write more, and write some nonfiction as well.

Now he's done a wonderful appreciation of Lem on Matt Cheney's blog. Check it out.


30 minutes brisk walk
Tomorrow--shooting for bench press free weight record, per Joe.

(Evil Monkey: "Hey--so Libby says that Bush authorizes the Plume leak." Jeff: "Yes. Sad, isn't it?" Evil Monkey: "Maybe I shouldn't be focusing on writers." Jeff: "No, no. You impeach presidents." Evil Monkey: "How about tyrants?")


At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, CNN hastily reported that story then recanted. It turns out that Bush only authorized the leak of "declassified" prewar intelligence to Libby, but not the Plume outing. So, while Bush's actions are pathetic – when arent' they? – here they're probably not illegal.


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