Friday, May 06, 2005


Every morning I've got a new chance
I want to land the part of Eddie in The Stranger Dance
Cause he gets to swordfight the duke
He kidnaps the queen
And you think the score's set but you can't truly see
Til you know the two sides of Monsieur Valentine
- Spoon, "The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine," Gimme Fiction

For those who might be wondering, the Secret Lives project has been delayed. I've got about 15 more to write, ranging in length from 1,000 words to 15,000 words. In a nutshell, when I set the original deadline for the publication of the book, I forgot that I don't write on demand all that well--I need time and space for ideas and images to reach their full potential before I set anything down on paper. And when you factor in the edits to Shriek that I'm engaged in--which are a wonderful opportunity, which are opening the book up, which are making the tips of my fingers tingle--it's unlikely that (1) I'll have the remaining secret lives finished until around August-September and (2) the book itself will be out until around Christmas. I'm sorry for those who preordered, except that you guaranteed yourself to get the book, since it's selling out rapidly. Please be patient. It's important to do this right. I don't ever want to just rush anything out there. As most people know, though, I do follow through on all of my projects.

Thanks for your patience.


(Evil Monkey: "So when will my secret life be done?" Jeff: "Did you order one?" Evil Monkey: "No. But I want one." Jeff: "Isn't it enough that you infiltrate my blog entries." Evil Monkey: "Is my secret life done yet?" Jeff: "No." Evil Monkey: " about now." Jeff: "It's still not done." Evil Monkey: " about--" Jeff: "See this frying pan?" Evil Monkey: "Yes." Jeff: "Where is it now?" Evil Monkey: "Lodged in my head." Jeff: "Looking back, can you think of a way you could have avoided this outcome?" Evil Monkey: ".........")


At 3:14 AM, Blogger Luís Rodrigues said...

Actually, doesn't Evil Monkey lead a (now not-so-secret) life as a writer called Jeff VanderMeer?

At 5:52 AM, Blogger The Head said...

the evil monkey represents some goblin energy within you - a dark and deranged part of your soul like a malefic form of a super-ego. you wish to kill IT secretly and yet you are addicted to it. it is your drug. you enjoy being a slave. it is your private dominitrix and private ecastatic hell. beware. beware. beware. the evil monkey will devour you if you are not careful. i recommend you free your id. what benigh and celestial image does your id have? trust it.


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