Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ben Peek guest blogging (though he thinks it is called guest pimping this time round)

Issue 7 of Full Unit Hookup arrived in the mail today.

It's a really fine looking zine, if you haven't seen it before (the image here doesn’t do it justice, honest). I hadn't seen it, so I was pleasantly surprised. There are cute little black and white illustrations through each of the stories and the layout is clear and easy to follow for the entire 42 pages. In addition, there is a nice mix of authors in this issue, including Bruce Holland Rogers, Lucy A. Snyder, and Jake Lake and Scott William Carter collaborating. There's also me, too.

It's four bucks, US. Simply put: it's a bargain.

(Ben Peek and Jeff’s Evil Monkey are watching Secret Service Bondage films. You may never see them again.)