Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Over here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. It involves eating turkey and marking the beginning of a genocide, basically. Rather odd when you think about it. We're celebrating a bunch of religious nutcases' one moment of peacefulness, followed by a hundred years of aggression. Weird.

This blog will be on hiatus until Monday. To all and sundry: I owe you secret lives, I owe you writing critiques, I owe you comments, I owe you emails, I owe you copy edits, I owe you PR materials, I owe you presents, I owe you phone calls. All of this you shall have in the fullness of time.

Meanwhile, having once again endured a rather intense personal trainer session, I will hobble off down to Gainesville with Ann for Thanksgiving with my dad, stepmom, and (admittedly no longer little) two brothers, Francois and Nicholas.

So I leave you with this photo of my Dutch puritan forebears, above, which my cousin David was kind enough to send to me. Severe!

(Evil Monkey: "They look a little like, I hate to say it, vampires." Jeff: "Everybody looked pale and pointy-ish back then. It was a black-and-white world." Evil Monkey: "My forebears have more hair and they never were able to stand still long enough for the family photo." Jeff: "Do you have any family members you'll visit at Thanksgiving?" Evil Monkey: "I have an adopted family. I'll be visiting Ben Peek, Nick Mamatas, and Harlan Ellison over the holiday." Jeff: "Sounds like fun." Evil Monkey: "It will be! We all like to throw our poo up against the wall!" Jeff: "Well, okay, er, on that note--see ya Monday.")


At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Chris Barnes said...

Australia's national day (imaginatively titled Australia Day) is on 26 January, and celebrates the the beginning of the Sydney colony. So it also marks the beginning of the white takeover of this continent. It's sometimes referred to as Invasion Day (though never by "nice" people).

At 8:51 PM, Blogger none said...

Great post. Great pic. Happy Turkey Day!

At 9:20 PM, Blogger Tessa said...

(Although I don't think Invasion Day has the same huge swath of traditions that Thanksgiving does.)

(Well, if it does, I've never noticed. It was always just another day off.)

At 2:12 AM, Anonymous benpeek said...

fun times with the monkey ahead. i shall begin filling a bag. if it's not all used, i can keep it for invasion day.

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