Wednesday, November 16, 2005


ALIEN CONTACT: The Online Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy is doing a special Vandermeer issue to coincide with the release of City of Saints & Madmen from Klett-Cotta in Germany. Check it out. Special thanks to Jeffrey Ford for letting AC translate and reprint his introduction from Secret Life.

A couple more links I let slip by, from SF Site:

Fake Disease Guide article (how it all came to be)

Interview with Glen Cook


(Evil Monkey: "Hey." Jeff: "Hey! Where've you been?" Evil Monkey: "Down Under. Kicking Ben Peek's ass." Jeff: "Why the cough?" Evil Monkey: "Bastard took me out with a foot to the throat. Been recuperating." Jeff: "Sorry to hear that." Evil Monkey: "Glad I got back in time to see you turn your blog into a non-stop links celebration, btw." Jeff: "I gotta, until the blog redesign goes into effect." Evil Monkey: "If you say so." Jeff: "How was Australia otherwise?" Evil Monkey: "Australia? I didn't go to Australia. I stole a page from Constantine. I fought Ben Peek under the Gates of Hell." Jeff: "You don't say." Evil Monkey: "It's hot down there, but I made a lot of friends." Jeff: "Great!" Evil Monkey: "...and they're all coming over for a poker game on Thursday. Hope you don't mind.")


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Joe Gordon said...

Hmm, better get some chips and salsa dip in for the poker game. Makes sure its salsa sauce with extra sulphur.


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