Friday, February 17, 2006


Here's the list of stories for the John Betancourt edited Horror: The Best of 2005.

Joe Lansdale, "Shadows, Kith and Kin," (Outsiders),
Jack Cady, "The Souls of Drowning Mountain," (Taverns of the Dead),
Holly Phillips, "The Other Grace," (In the Palace of Repose),
Nicholas Royle, "Sitting Tennant," (Poe's Progeny),
Joe Hill, "The Cape" (20th Century Ghosts),
Caitlin Kiernan, "La Peau Verte," (To Charles Fort, with Love),
M. Rickert, "A Little Madness Goes a Long Way," (F&SF),
Richard Bowes, "There's a Hole in the City," (SciFiction),
Barbara Roden, "Northwest Passage," (Acquainted with the Night),
Clive Barker, "Haeckel's Tale," (Dark Delicacies),
Laird Barron, "Proboscis," (F&SF),
Jeff VanderMeer, "Lost," (TEL),
Ramsey Campbell, "Unblinking," (Lost on the Darkside),
Nick Mamatas, "Real People Slash," (Son and Foe),
Michael Marshall Smith, "Fair Exchange," (Weird Shadows over Innsmouth),
Simon Owens, "This Hand, Waving," (Chizine),
David Niall Wilson, "The Call of Farther Shores," (Lost on the Darkside).

So, last tally for Vander short stories is:

"Lost" - Horror: The Best of 2005 (Ibooks)

"Farmer's Cat" - in three fantasy year's bests: Strahan, Sean Wallace, and Hartwell/Cramer.

Huge thanks to Deborah Layne and Jay Lake for publishing "Farmer's Cat" in Polyphony, and the same for Jay for publishing "Lost" in TEL. "Lost" got literally lost in the crowd earlier in the year, so I'm glad it gets a second life. I'm very proud of that story.



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