Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm going to Austin tomorrow night for the Associated Writers Program conference. I'll be on a panel Saturday morning about nonrealist fiction along with Matt Cheney, Kelly Link, Laird Hunt, Brian Evenson, and the good people from Omnidawn Press, whose anthology ParaSpheres is just out.

But, first, this Thursday at 7pm, at BookPeople, something that to me looks like a WWF Smackdown event, featuring moi, Michael Moorcock, Kelly Link, Gavin Grant, Brian Evenson, Matt Cheney, and Ken and Rusty from Omnidawn. Talk about a line up! I'm psyched. I'm gonna read my little heart out for just that audience alone. (Thanks to Peggy Hailey and the other good people at BookPeople!)

And I'll also be trying to hang out at the Chiasmus Press/Soft Skull Press events during the conference. As well as the FC2 events.



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