Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This photo just shows the unvarnished box and some other elements, using the Pan Mac trade paperback. It is not representative of the Shriek limited's complete contents.

A Deluxe Limited Edition
Lettered, Signed by All Contributors
Available in early October
52 Copies

$325 plus shipping & handling if paid in full in advance by July 18th.
$350 plus shipping & handling on installment plan ($100 in advance by July 18th)

Please email Ann VanderMeer (buzzcity at to reserve a copy (must at least put down $100) and for further details. If you have already reserved a copy, please confirm by emailing Ann. Given prior experience, these copies will sell out fast, so you will need to act quickly, if possible.

A Message from Jeff, Hoegbotton & Sons

As a book collector myself, I have long wanted to put together a truly special limited edition for one of my books. Shriek: An Afterword, my first original U.S. hardcover, gives me this opportunity. This special edition represents collaboration with artists, musicians, jewelers, graphic designers, and carpenters. It will increase in value over time and has many unique features.

Each limited will be put together by hand and in addition to the normal signing and numbering, I will be happy to personalize each book. Due to contract restrictions, I cannot provide an actual limited edition of the book itself, but I think you’ll find that the materials included in this edition more than make up for that fact. Please believe me when I say this is a labor of love and our profit is razor-thin to non-existent. Mostly, I just want to create a compelling artifact that will last.

The Shriek Deluxe Limited Edition consists of one copy of the Tor Books hardcover edition of Shriek with a special dust jacket created by Juha Lindroos. The book will be housed in a beautiful hand-crafted varnished and lacquered wooden box cushioned in dark green velvet. In addition to the hardcover Shriek, the box will contain the following items:

Signing Sheet
An archival-quality signing sheet signed by all contributors, including all members of The Church, Juha Lindroos, Eric Schaller, Paulette Werger, Hawk Alfredson, Todd Szuch, and, of course, Jeff.

Typewriter Key
A typewriter key corresponding to the letter of the limited edition (two such letters for editions 27 – 52).

Credits Sheet
A matte board credits sheet with notes about each person involved in the creation of the limited edition.

A special letter from Hoegbotton & Sons on H&S gold-leaf stationery.

Illustrated Chapbook of New Fiction
A chapbook of new Ambergris fiction (specifically, Dr. Gort’s report on The Shift and its consequences), as illustrated by Eric Schaller (one of the primary artists on City of Saints & Madmen) and including the paintings of noted New York artist Hawk Alfredson. The text and illustrations will not be available elsewhere. The chapbook will be lettered, from A to ZZ.

Starfish Jewelry
A solid silver four-armed starfish pendant in a jewelry box. This unique piece of jewelry created by the award-winning Paulette Werger illustrates in three-dimensional detail the four-armed starfish featured in Shriek. It will keep its value over time and can be worn as part of a necklace or remain purely decorative in the box.

Ambergris Beer
A bottle of micro brewer Todd Szuch’s hand-crafted Smashing Todd’s Wartime Stout beer, with a clever and wonderfully-rendered label by Eric Schaller. (We may include some of the promotional Shriek coasters from Tor, as well.)

The Church’s Shriek Movie Soundtrack
A CD of The Church’s full 48-minute soundtrack for the Shriek movie. This CD is not otherwise available, as the Shriek movie only uses about 12 minutes of the music. This serves as a nice soundtrack to the book in general. In jewel case with custom insert.

Shriek Movie DVD
DVD of the Shriek movie (possibly including DVD extras about the making of the movie). In jewel case with custom insert.


At 4:21 AM, Blogger Tessa said...

There's some serious spiffiness right there. Congratulations on developing some mad coolness.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Ethan said...

Ooo. Tempting...

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, on the installment plan, you set up a payment structure you can live with. Would have loved to make it less expensive but losing money on these things would just be too depressing with all the work involved.


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Jeff VanderMeer not just totally GREEN!!!! Definately one of the best writers around today, and I'm not just saying that because he's cute, either. That boy can WRITE! :-).


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