Thursday, June 29, 2006


UPDATE: A great review of Shriek in the Austin Chronicle.

More movie news re the various events at indie theaters and bookstores posted here.

Meanwhile, Infinity Plus has posted a really nice review of Shriek, including this bit:

VanderMeer is, quite simply, one of the finest writers of genre fiction currently operating, and Shriek: an afterword is one of the best novels I've read in recent years.

The characters here are brilliant: the fragile siren Sabon; the wonderfully engaging and ultimately uncertain priest Bonmot, who liked it better when he knew everything; but above all the brother-sister double-act of Duncan and Janice: so similar, so opposite. Echoingly close when they'd never admit it, jarringly contrasting when they might claim fellow-feeling. When it comes down to it, Shriek is an intense, intimate study of sometimes estranged, sometimes close siblings, each plummeting the depths, scaling the heights, and above all transforming.

And the language: masterful use of tense and voice; never a word out of place; choice of phrase working overtime, to pile subtle effect on subtle effect.

Well, it takes a lot to make me blush, but that sure as shit did.


Exercise: Monday, full body work out in hotel room; Wednesday--full gym workout.

NOTE: Re the Shriek limited edition, the terms of lay-away payment are very flexible. Several people have asked about it, so rest assured, email Ann at buzzcity at and we can work up a schedule that's right for you. We've got about 15 or 16 pre-orders as of this morning.


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Jude said...

I will definitely be at the Cambridge showing.


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