Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Evil Monkey: Did you see this? (Not to mention Alan DeNiro's great post about it.)

Jeff: It's awful and some action should be taken.

Evil Monkey: Yeah, but me 'n' Crazy Town go waay back. I mean, I've seen him in action a couple of times. HE's been getting away with shit for over forty years. Somebody should've put a check on this long ago. Gone public.

Jeff: Yeah, but that shouldn't excuse his actions.

Evil Monkey: No way. In fact, Crazy Town's head has been on my to-cut list for ages.

Jeff: What do you think of the crowd's reaction to the groping?

Evil Monkey: I dunno. I'm sure they were shocked. Might've had just a short window of opportunity to do or say anything and were too shocked to act.

Jeff: You would have thought someone would have immediately taken Ellison off the stage and not allowed him to participate any further in the event.

Evil Monkey: That's a good point. I hadn't thought of that.

Jeff: What'd you think of the Hugo results, though?

Evil Monkey: A snooze fest mostly. Locus and Ansible, Ansible and Locus. Love 'em both. Read 'em religiously. But, c'mon, if I were them I'd be sitting out a year or two or something. It's a bit ridiculous.

Jeff: Eh. If they're the best in those categories...What about the rest of the ballot?

Evil Monkey: I dunno. I dig Connie Willis but that novella of hers wasn't that good.

Jeff: Eh, well, that's your opinion.


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