Friday, September 22, 2006


First off, John Joseph Adams has interviewed Ann and me for SF Wire about the pirate antho. Please note--we will be reading for this anthology in November through February. We'll have guidelines up soon and we're perfectly happy receiving electronic submissions. No muss no fuss.

Secondly, Jay Lake, Daniel Abraham, and I (under the moniker The Three Tor-eadors) will be hosting a con suite party at World Fantasy on that Saturday night, after the World Fantasy Convention. There will be booze. There will be food. There will be fun and amazing stuff.

Third, all of the audio and video stuff on the Shriek site will be back up and running by the weekend. My apologies--or, rather, streamloader's apologies--for the screw up. Also, I've been interviewed for what should be a national NPR broadcast and apparently Rain Taxi will also be doing an interview.

Fourth, I'll be going to Austin for the Turkey City Workshop next weekend. I'm also doing a reading with a showing of the Shriek film at BookPeople at 8pm on Friday. (Also, don't forget about Think Galactic's Tuesday showing of the film in Chicago.)

Fifth, the Gainesville reading Oct. 8 has been postponed. It turns out that's homecoming weekend and that's just too much competition.

Sixth, more Shriek movie showing reports will be posted in the next week, along with Europe video stuff.

Seventh, the Shriek book events for Tallahassee will include a Q&A with novelist and Tallahassee city commissioner Mark Mustian at Borders on Sat. Oct. 21 in the afternoon AND an amazingly cool party/movie showing/art exhibit/freebie giveaways/book reading event at 621 Gallery on Sun. Oct. 22 from 5pm to 8pm, with beer, wine, food, etc. More on that soon.



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